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August 5, 2017:

Baltimore Guardian Angels Build Memorial Wall in Support of

The Baltimore Cease Fire


In support of the Baltimore Cease Fire Project, the Baltimore Regional Guardian Angels erected a “Homicide Victims Memorial Wall” in memory of the Homicide Victims of 2017 prior to the Baltimore Cease Fire.

(Pictured Above: Baltimore Guardian Angels, Robin, Strider and Taxman, look upon the Completed Memorial Wall.)

(Pictured Above: Strider Reviews t the Layout of Memorial Plaques)


The Wall contained the Names and Information for all 208 Victims and upon completion, stood at a towering 10 feet tall and 18 feet wide. The enormity of the display behind in direct correlation to the enormity of the Homicide Epidemic and Rising Crime Rates  plaguing Baltimore City in recent years.

(Pictured Above: Strider and Ice work to assemble the Panels of which the Memorial Wall are composed.)


The Baltimore Cease Fire, which began on Friday August 4th, 2017 at midnight, was a call to action for community leaders, activists, politicians, police, and most importantly, Baltimore City residents, to band together to spread the message of “Nobody Kill Anybody” for the 72 hours between Midnight on August 4th through midnight on August 6th.

(Pictured Above: Strider stops by a Community Cease Fire Event and takes a moment to pose for a Phot with one of the Cease Fire Event Organizers, Ellen Gee.)

(Pictured Above: Strider and Ice with the Cease Fire Banner at a Community Event during the Cease Fire.)


Sadly however, at 5:03 p.m. on Saturday August 5th, 41 hours into the Cease Fire, a 24 year old man was killed in Southwest Baltimore, bringing the total for Baltimore City homicides to a staggering 209 deaths. The Video Below, from Baltimore's CBS Affilliate, WJZ 13, tells of the efforts of Not only the Baltimore Guardian Angels, but off communities across Baltimore.

While media outlets have since described the Cease Fire as unsuccessful, The Baltimore Guardian Angels commend those who came out in support of their communities and took a stand to stop the violence. It is only with continued effort from within our Communities that we will be able to move forward and put an end to the Violence in our City.

(Pictured Above: Strider along with members of the Cease Fire Leadership Team after the taping of the Beyond the Streets episode featureing the Baltimore Cease Fire)


The Guardian Angels commend the efforts and praise the organizers of the Cease Fire Project for bringing together communities across the city for a Unified Campaign to Raise Awareness and help end an ever increasing homicide rate.

For More Information on This Event, or Any of the Programs and Events with the Baltimore Guardian Angels, Please Contact Us.





Angels in the news

August 3, 2017:

The Baltimore Cease Fire Project

The Baltimore Cease Fire Project takes Place August 4 - August 6, 2017. As Baltimore gets ready for what we hope will be a weekend of non-violence with communities gearing up for events throughout the city, the Beyond the Streets Team sits down with a few members of the Cease Fire Project Management Team to talk about how the movement got started and what they hope to accomplish.


Tune In for this special episode of Beyond The Streets With the Baltimore Cease Fire Project.

Angels in the news

August 2, 2017:

Curtis Sliwa Shows His Soft Side!

Okay, so it’s not what you might think. Guardian Angel Founder, Curtis Sliwa posed alongside Creator of the Guardian Angels Animal Protection Program, Nancy Regula, for the “Show your Soft Side” Campaign.

While you might think that Curtis and Nancy are the stars of the campaign, you may be mistaken! The poster features Curtis, Nancy, and cats of various ages.

The Animal Protection program which was started in New York “solves a couple of problems” explained Nancy Regula during a conversation on the pairs visit to Baltimore for the photo shoot. “It provides shelter for feral cats and helps reduce the rat population in a natural way” continued Regula.

“Using pesticides harms the environment and the rats become immune to the effects of the chemicals over time, which means you have to use more of it” added Curtis Sliwa.

Currently there are over 150 cats in Cat Colonies built on vacant lands in New York. The program also provides vaccination and neutering of the cats through partnerships with other organizations.

Check Out this News Story from New York’s ABC 7 News on The Guardian Angel Animal Protection Program and its level of success.

The hope is to expand the program into the Baltimore Area which, much like New York and other major cities, has had its fair share of problems with rat infestations and feral cats.

The Show Your Soft Side Poster featuring Curtis Sliwa is the second Campaign to feature a Guardian Angel as Baltimore’s very own, Marcus “Strider” Dent previously posed for the organization with his beloved “Maggie May.”

Special Thanks to Leo Lubow for his Photography and the entire team at Show Your Soft Side for allowing the Guardian Angels to show our Soft Side.


For More Information on The Animal Protection Program or any of the Guardian Angel Programs you see on our Website, please contact us today.




Angels in the news

August 1, 2017:

National Night Out 2017

National Night Out in Cherry Dale

On Tuesday August 1st 2017 The Guardian Angels Attended The National Night Out Celebration In The Cherry Dale Neighborhood Of South Baltimore. The Event, Coordinated By Ms. Cleo Walker And Managed By The Cherry Dale Guardian Angel Watch Group, Featured Entertainment, Food, And Even A Moon Bounce.

Thank You To The Cherry Dale Guardian Angel Block Watch Group For  Their Excellent Work In The Community And For Embodying The Ideals Of The Alliance Of Guardian Angels, Through Teir Efforts To Reduce Crime, Increase Community Outreach, And Build A Better Community.


National Night Out in Better Waverly

The Angels also attended a National Night Out event in North Baltimore’s Better Waverly community. Baltimore’s Northern District is one of the Guardian Angel Watch Community Block Watch Groups currently in development under the direction of the Baltimore Region.

The Northern District “Angel Watchers” have a history of community involvement and outreach that has garnered them a position at the top of the list of exemplary Angel Watch groups. And the 2017 National Night Our event was no exception.


Special Thanks to the Better Waverly Community for extending an invitation to the Angels for this event.



Angels in the news

July 28, 2017:

Youth Summer Social

Special Thanks To Ms. Kim Trueheart For Inviting The Baltimore Guardian Angels To Attend The Youth Summer Social In Northwest Baltimore. The Event For Kids 11 And Under, Featured Free Food, 0live Entertainment, And Even A Moon Bounce For The Kids.

Pictured Above: Kim Trueheart


Angels in the news

July 25, 2017:

Irvington Guardian Angel Watch Residents Meeting


The Baltimore Guardian Angels Wer Invited Back To The Irvington Community In Southwest Baltimore On July 25th 2017 To Speak About How To Start A Guardian Angel Block Watch Program In The Community.


The Angel Watch Program Merges The Already Familiar Aspects Of A Neighborhood Watch Program, Such As Surveillance And Reporting Of Crime, With Aspects Of Community Involvement Such As Safty Walks, Youth Outreach And Education Programs To Name A Few.

Through Partnerships With Various Agencies On A Local, State And Even Federal Level, The Angel Watch Program Bridges The Gap Between Communities In Need And The Resources Needed To Help That Community Thrive.

The Community Voted To Bring The Guardian Angel Block Watch Program To Irvington.


For More Information On How To Start An Angel Watch Program In Your Community, Contact The Baltimore Guardian Angels Today!


Angels in the news

July 22, 2017:

Baltimore Guardian Angels teach Safety Awareness Seminar in Baltimore's Mc Eldery Neighborhood


This Community Safety Awareness Seminar, Taught By “Strider And “Taps”, On July 22nd 2017, Was A Fun Experience For All Involved.

Strider And His Twin Brother Taps Were Originally Angels In Baltimore In Th 1980’s And The Experience That They Gained Over Those Years Helps To Shape The Protocols And Regulations Used By The Baltimore Chapter Today.

The Training In Mc Eldery Taught Not Only Personal Safty But Also Patrol Safety And Awareness To Participants, Most Of Whom Are Interested In Starting Citizens Patrols In Their Own Neighborhoods.

For More Information On The Baltimore Guardian Angel Safety Seminars, Or Citizens Patros, Contact The Baltimore Chapter Today.


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