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Posted on June 23, 2017:

Akia Eggleston, age 22, was last seen on May 3rd, 2017. Friends and Family became concerned when Akia failed to show up for her baby shower and also missed a pre-natal appointment. Akia was last seen in the Cherry Hill area of South Baltimore.Anyone with Information on Akia's disappearance is asked to CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Please Help Us Find Akia Eggleston.


Posted on June 4, 2017:

5th Annual Honk 4 The Missing

The 5th Annual “Honk 4 The Missing” Campaign took place on June 4th, 2017. This year’s event featured participants around the globe including Japan, Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, England, and Mexic, along with several cities in the United States.

Here are Some Photos from this year’s event.


Baltimore, MD


Los Angeles, CA


Phoenix, AZ


London, England








Special Thanks to Lisa Campos of the Portland, OR Guardian Angels for assisting in organizing the

5th Annual Honk 4 The Missing.


For More Information on The Event, or To find Out how to Organize a Honk in Your Area, Contact the Baltimore Gaurdian Angels Today.



Posted on May 1, 2017:



Stacie Marie Burnite

Missing Person - Baltimore City Area
.Stacie Marie Burnite .
Birthdate: Sept 9/82
Identifying Marks = Bunny tattoo over left breast, yin/yang sign on her shoulder with a (K)
Height 5' 4" ...
approx. 125 lbs
Brown Hair
Last seen near the (Powerhouse location near Broadway)
Call 911 with any information

Posted on June 12, 2016:

4th Annual Honk 4 The Missing

The “Honk 4 The Missing” 2016 Campaign took place on June 12th, 2016. Below are some of the photos from “honks” around the world.

Celebrity Participants Included:

Above: Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Professional Karate Association world full-contact karate champion


Above: Baltimorer City's Deputy Police Commissioner, Dean Palmere.


Above: Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello, City Council President, Jack Young and City Council Vice President Ed Reisinger


On The Day of The Honk 4 The Missing, Guardian Angel Chapters, Missing Persons Advocates, Families and Friends of Missing People from around the Globe Sent Photos of Their Events.

Above: Atlanta, GA


Above: Chatanooga, TN


Above: Hickory, NC


Above: Mexico


Above: Phoenix, AZ


Above: San Antonio, TX


Above: Wilmington, DE


The Baltimore Guardian Angels Would Like to Thank All Who Participated in the 4th Annual Honk 4 The Missing.

For More Information on The Honk 4 The Missing Campaign, becoming involved or planning a Honk, or on any of the programs offered by the Baltimore Guardian Angels, Please Contact Us.


Posted on May 27, 2016:

Krush Kent Visit the Heidi Search Center in San Antonio

In preparation for the Honk 4 The Missing 2016, Krush Kent of the Baltimore Guardian Angels, travelled to the Heidi Search Center in San Antonio, Texas. While there she met with Missing Persons Advocates, Family and Friends of those whose loved ones have gone missing.


During the Honk 4 The Missing Campaign in 2015, participants from San Antonio, TX sent us the above photograph of the group that participated. It consisted of a tragic number of people whose loved ones had gone missing and who had never given up hope in the search for their loved ones.

(Above: The Hoank 4 The Missing" SanAntonio 2015


While in Texas, Krush recognized the organizers of the San Antonio Honk for their hard work and dedication to the event.


Melissa Vega of News 4 San Antonio put together this video to promote the Honk 4 The Missing Campaign in San Antonio.

The Baltimore Guardian Angels Are Proud to be Associated with such a dedicated group.


Posted on March 4, 2015:

Reny Jose Disappeared March 3rd 2014 Panama City Beach Florida 2014



Reny Jose: Spring break Nightmare

                                    Written by Krush Kent – Guardian Angels Assistant Chapter Commander

 A vicious wind bit at our faces and hands as the Baltimore Guardian Angels walked up the pathway to a grandiose house tucked away in an enclave of upstate New York. Open arms and wholesome smiles greeted us on the other side of the door. Reashma, Reny’s older sister, grabbed us tight, and inquired about our trip. Mrs. Jose’s brown eyes gleamed for a split second as she graciously thanked us for visiting her to tell her son’s story. With a hint of an Indian accent she asked, “Do you want something to eat or drink?” as she placed a tray of delectable cookies on the kitchen table in front of us. An elderly woman sat quietly on the couch in the living room intently watching the melee transpiring in the dining room. She smiled every time our eyes met. “That’s Reny’s grandmother. She does not speak any English, but she knows how to say no, confirmed Mrs. Jose.” We chuckled and waited in raw anticipation to rehash the never ending nightmare that has plagued the Jose family since March 2014.

Mrs. Jose’s smile quickly faded and instantaneously replaced with an insatiable heartbreaking expression that only other mothers of missing children can truly translate.”The police just assumed Reny is in the Panama City Ocean. They never really looked for my son.” Mrs. Jose’s eyes filled with tears as she revealed her frustration with the Panama City police department. “How do you go on Spring break with 22 other people and not one person will talk to me and tell me what happened to him. We spent a month in Panama City passing out fliers and talking to the locals. We learned the police told the locals not to get involved in the disappearance of my son.”

Reashma recounted more disturbing facts as her mother wiped away tears. At the time of Remy’s disappearance, he was a 4.0 mechanical engineering student in his senior year at Rice University. He was recently accepted into Rice’s master’s program and interviewing for jobs. Reny completed most of his upcoming assignments, therefore, the Panama City Spring break trip with his fellow classmates was intended to be a relaxing hiatus from school and the responsibilities that shadow seniors in college. Reny and 22 of his other classmates drove from Rice University in 4 vehicles to Panama City Beach, Florida. Mrs. Jose interjected with text messages from Reny stating he arrived with a tranquil picture of the beach on March 1, 2014.

On March 3, 2014, Mrs. Jose received a phone call from the Panama City Police Department stating her son, Reny Jose, was missing. “I couldn’t believe it. Everything after that was a complete blur.

I can’t tell you how I got home or what happened after that.    My world was never the same after that,” exclaimed Mrs. Jose. The classmate that reported Reny missing informed the police that Reny had been depressed and taken LSD yet told Reny’s mother Reny had not taken any drugs. “This particular kid did all of the talking. Not one other kid on that trip said anything about what happened the night Reny disappeared,” stated Reashma. The next day, majority of the kids on the trip attained legal counsel and fled Panama City Beach Florida never to be heard from again.

Soon, the police found Reny’s clothes and cell phone in a trash can along the beach. The Jose family arrived in Panama City Beach the very next day after they received that phone call. Reashma and her mom found what appeared to be Reny’s pajama’s on the beach as well. They spent about a month there passing out fliers, talking to store owners, bouncers at clubs, and the residents yet they returned home without Reny; instead they returned home with an ambiguous cloud of grief and questions hovering over them. Mrs. Jose stated, “The kids on this trip have graduated and have good jobs, they are in medical school and law school fulfilling their dreams. We want the same for Reny.”

The Jose family created festive holiday cards with family photos, Reny’s smile radiating off the cards. “We sent Reny’s friends these cards hoping they would reach out to us and tell us what happened that night he went missing, but we haven’t heard anything. They continue to avoid us,” confirmed Rasheama.

The Jose family is embarking upon the 1 year anniversary of Reny’s disappearance. They have created a Facebook page for Reny, attended missing persons conferences, reached out to Dateline, and 20/20, and established a walk for Reny with government officials as guest speakers. The Indian community has been a valuable asset to the Jose family during this time, assisting with events and fighting to garner awareness for Reny.

Mrs. Jose shuffled through photos of Reny through the years.  She and Rasheama reminisced about happier times. “He would always take off one sock and leave one sock on! chuckled Mrs. Jose. Mrs. Jose’s slight chuckles echoed into awkward moments of silence. Its painstaking watching a mother marinate in grief over her missing son; a son with an infectious smile on the cusp of reaping the fruits of his hard work and accomplishments. The whereabouts of Reny Jose may be uncertain, but the impervious love the Jose family has for their beloved Reny will certainly inspire families to continue to fight for justice for their missing loved ones.

Krush - 2015

Holding Hands For Reny

Posted on February 27, 2015:

                                                The Search for Terril Lehman                                                                                                         Missing Since December 3rd 2014                                                      Last Seen in the Northern District of Baltimore City


The police need the communities help regarding the disappearance of Terril Renee Lehman who was last seen on Wednesday December 3rd 2014 in the 1000 block of Ralworth Road in Baltimore City.



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