Photo of Vickie

Victoria "Krush" Kent

Assistant Chapter Commander

Victoria joined the Guardian Angels and Krush Kent was born, she came to the team by way of an organization she formed called Remember Me which was an organization she established in April of 2011.

The goal was that once a month “Remember Me” would not only spread awareness on the crimes & disappearances that took the lives of these victims but she could also profile the stories, the names, the faces and also the story of how they lived. Krush wanted to show how the loss of these individuals has gravely affected the families and friends of these victims.

Immediately Krush became an advocate using vigils, memorials and a new tactic where family members, friends and advocates would bring attention to a case by going to the location significant to the case and wave signs with info to be displayed so that the community or witnesses might remember something that could help close the case, this campaign is called “Honk for Them”

As a guardian angel “Krush Kent” has elevated not only the amount of activities but more importantly increased the commitment of involvement with manpower, effort, innovation and a closer more personal touch of attention to the families and communities they serve.

With the help of the Guardian Angels Krush was able to take the “Honk for Them” campaign across state lines to be used by 160 chapters around the world and it was successfully used by the Guardian Angel chapters in Atlanta & Florida as well as here at home in Baltimore,

As second in command with her innovation and dedication to the Guardian Angels this group is sure to remain at the top of their game in helping to lead the way in community service empowerment.

Krush Kent is a Baltimore City resident, a Graduate of St. Timothy’s High School and has a BA from Loyola University in English with a minor in Spanish and is employed by the state and works in Annapolis MD.

Photo of Chapter Commander Strider Marcus "Strider" Dent, Chapter Commander

Awarded Chapter Commander of the Year in 2009, Strider treats everyone the same: from the person who cleans the building to the person who owns the building. He expects the same from everyone: from the individual, to the community, to the businesses, to the government.

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Photo of Krush Victoria "Krush" Kent, Assistant Chapter Commander

As a guardian angel "Krush Kent" has elevated not only the amount of activities but more importantly increased the commitment of involvement with manpower, effort, innovation and a closer more personal touch of attention to the families and communities they serve.

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Photo of Taxman Taxman, Angel Compliance/Instructor

Taxman has been a part of the chapter since day one of the re-start in 2006, and he continues to solidify and monitor roles and responsibilities.

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Photo of Taps Taps, Guardian Angel

Taps was an original member of the Baltimore Guardian Angels in the 1980s and returned in 2006 to help rebuild the chapter that we all serve today.

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Photo of Tazz Tazz, Patrol Leader, Member since 2009

If you’re on Facebook at all, then you have probably seen Tazz, who has made himself recognizable in his quest to spread awareness in the fight to find Missing Persons.

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Photo of Jazz Jazz, Team Leader

Guardian Angels schedules and activities change minute by minute, and Jazz is always there to help coordinate those changes.

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Photo of Que Que, Chief of Patrols

Que is a Patrol Leader and spends a lot of his time involved in the Southwest meetings and activities.

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Photo of Beast Beast, Patrol Leader and Sargeant of Arms

While the Angels are patrolling and watching over the communities, Beast is watching over the Angels.

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Photo of Storm Storm, Guardian Angel

Storm is a great addition to the local chapter has definitely hit the ground running.

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Photo of Jester Jester, Guardian Angel

When you talk about a "jack of all trades," you must be talking about the Baltimore County resident the Angels call Jester.

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Photo of Spirit Spirit, Guardian Angel

People choose to join the Guardian Angels for many reasons but when it comes to this Baltimore member, the Guardian Angels chose her.

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Photo of Bugz Bugz, Guardian Angel

Bugz is the son of former assistant chapter commander "Smoke," and we are surely blessed to have him continue the legacy as a member of our team.

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Photo of Ghost Ghost, Guardian Angel

Ghost always makes us proud and we appreciate his dedication, support, and the sacrifice he is willing to make for his team.

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Photo of K.Z. K.Z., Guardian Angel

K. Z. has spent most of his life traveling for a living, but no matter where he landed he always managed to find a way to privately volunteer his services.

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Photo of Mayson Mayson, Guardian Angel

Mayson first joined the team as a Junior Guardian Angel and transformed as a Guardian Angel.

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Photo of Venus Venus, Guardian Angel

With a smile that can brighten every room and a personality to match Venus brings a lot of energy to the Baltimore chapter.

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Photo of Tank Tank, Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angels may not be able to carry weapons but you can rest assured they just might have a tank that is rolling with them.

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